Monday, February 22, 2010

9:00am Monday

9:00A.M.  Debating to have one more cup of coffee or not.  Deciding against it in favor of making the rounds and checking in with some kids.  I started this a while back – “check-in/check-out” – with a few of my students.  They are mostly boys, for some reason.  One of them get dropped off every morning by our district’s truancy officer.  His parents don’t have a working car.  He is in first grade.  I find that if I don’t check in with him every morning, his day quickly goes from bad to worse.  For future reference in these writings, I will call him Allen. 
I am also listening to a conversation in the outer office about our paper supply (It’s the end of February and we’re out of white paper).  People are wondering why we’re out of paper and if there is more coming.  One of the office secretaries tells her the local Wal-mart has it on sale.