Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, 12:50pm


Late for articulation meetings this afternoon.  I am supposed to sit in for 5th graders going to 6th.  Lunchtime exploded.  Again.  Jorge was running around trying to kiss girls, a teacher needed information on FMLA (and she needed it right then), someone wanted to talk to me about their evaluation, and I had to go and extract a 1st graders from recess.  He refused to leave and was running from the supervisor.  I never would have run after him.  By the time I got out there, he was sitting on a pile of snow with his coat off, shirt hanging off his shoulder, nose running all over the place.  I picked his coat off the ground, helped him put it on, wiped his nose with the extra tissue I always keep in my pocket, and put my arm around him.  The supervisor, I’m sure, was angered that I was showing him affection, but I did not need to run after him.  And he came inside for me.  Lesson learned.  Oh, and then I called the truancy officer to come and take him home for the afternoon.  I thought my brief check-in with him this morning would be enough.  Not every day, I guess.