Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Before the New Year

It is about four hours from the New Year and I am sitting with my son playing video games (Star Wars). We just bought it today, on sale at Gamestop while we out purchasing yet another gift for someone. This always seems to happen, does it not? You're in the store for one thing, and you walk out with something entirely different, or in addition to? It does to me, anyhow.

It occurred to me that the reason I walked out with this game, however, was because the night before we attended the Harlem Globetrotters basketball game at the Allstate Arena. My eight year old son brought along a friend, and on the drive there, I heard the two of them discussing what they each got for Christmas this year. I found myself feeling bad for my son, who had to sit there and endure a lengthy list of toys and electronics his friend had been "lucky enough" to receive. I sat there thinking about the kid's parents, who would most likely be paying for this Christmas extravaganza until next Christmas. And then I heard my son speak up.

He went through his much shorter list.
And he was happy.
He did not brag, did not sound unhappy that he couldn't match his friend's list.
He was happy, and still I found myself searching for a game that he would like - unconsciously, or so it seemed, attempting to make up for the fact that my son did not have everything that his friend did.

We teach our children that it is not material items that count. It is family. We teach them this by showing them. We show them by making every moment count, by spending quality time together, by making sure they know we love them. NOT by giving them every little thing they want (although I fail in this area today), but by being there for them when it counts - every day.

One of my goals for 2009: Show people, every day, that I care by being in the moment. More on the importance of being in the moment in a blog posting coming in '09!! Happy New Year.